Symposium “Recovery and Performance”

September 21th – 23th, Science & Study Center of Technische Universität München, Raitenhaslach

Organized by:

Jürgen Beckmann, Professor of Sport Psychology, Technische Universität München
Michael Kellmann, Professor of Sport Psychology, Ruhr Universität Bochum

In recent years it has been shown that the quality of recovery is extremely important for
high-performance in various areas such as athletic performance and work settings.
Additionally, recovery plays a crucial role in somatic as well as mental health. Therefore, recovery has meanwhile become an essential element in intervention programs and coaching.

The symposium on “Recovery and Performance” brings together researchers who work in
different fields of recovery research (e.g., sport science, work- and organizational psychology, neurophysiology). The symposium has an interdisciplinary approach and should instigate interactive discussion of this topic. We are very pleased that we currently have 18 confirmed, internationally renowned speakers from eleven nations (see program).

The symposium on “Recovery and Performance” will take place from September 21th-23rd 2016 at the Science & Study Center of Technische Universität München, an 18th century monastery building near Burghausen (Bavaria, Germany).